Making music is fun!

2010-02-17 16:31:33 by TeamBlast

Hey everyone! Just got FL Studio 9 and!

Let there be music and beats from me!

How inspiring

2010-01-20 18:50:55 by TeamBlast

I watched this production by JAZZA called ":the composer:".

Quite sad, made me cry.


"Blocked" completed

2010-01-16 14:10:01 by TeamBlast

Finished, it's not a sketch, so enjoy.

"Blocked" completed

I'd really like it if someone would.

I liek art.

2010-01-08 19:37:33 by TeamBlast


Well, as you can see, I liek art. Please view my delicious art.

I'n sorta new here.

2010-01-07 23:00:12 by TeamBlast

Well, hi guys, I joined Newgrounds not to long ago, but I've played games like Toss the Turtle for a while before I joined.

I'n sorta new here.